Halls Bayou Watershed Planning and Natural Channel Design

Houston, TX.

Stream Channel Design /Geomorphic Assessment/ Stream Channel Surveys/ Hydrologic, Hydraulic and Sediment Transport Analysis/Bank Stabilization Design

Halls Bayou consists of 20 miles of urban stream channel located within the 43 mi2 watershed in the Houston, TX metro area. This watershed has a long history of flooding and erosion problems leading to impaired channel conditions. HGD has been contracted by the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) to provide geomorphic analysis, bank erosion documentation, detailed geomorphic topographic surveys and Natural Channel Design (NCD) recommendations for the watershed planning and flood damage reduction components of the project. The natural channel design elements of the project will provide additional flood conveyance capacity along with bankfull channel and geomorphic floodplain components which will improve channel stability, riparian habitats and provide linear recreational parks throughout the watershed. HGD is part of a collaborative team that includes urban design, flood damage reduction and public relations components.

Client: HCFCD.