Mill Branch Stream Mitigation Bank

Denton, TX

Stream Mitigation Banking /TXRAM/Geomorphic Assessment/ Stream Channel Surveys/ Design Review

HGD was an integral part of the design team for the first stream mitigation bank created to service the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. This stream mitigation bank has been approved for 22,768 linear feet (LF) (4.31 miles) of TXRAM mitigation credits for intermittent and ephemeral stream types in the Upper Trinity Basin. Working with RiverBank Ecosystems and Environmental Services Inc. (ESI), we provided detailed topographic surveys and monumented cross sections for 30,335 LF (5.7 miles) of stream channel and upland areas for the project as well as reference reach surveys that were utilized in the design process. HGD has also provided design review of the project and existing conditions TXRAM mitigation assessment of all of the mitigation stream channels following the USACE Fort Worth district protocols.

Client (RiverBank Ecosystems)